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Guild Heroics/Flashpoints Follow-Up

Atreyer, Jan 1, 12 9:41 PM.
Thanks to Kak, Len and Kadii for participating in guild flashpoints (along with a guest appearance by Jek, my roomate). Everything went very well through Hammer Station and through Athiss up until the last boss. We were able to down him after Len switched to Baragarm and made short work of him. 
For those who were unable to attend there will be more flashpoint nights in the future. Please post in the forums when you are generally available to attend guild events so I can try and schedule them to better fit guildies needs. 
We had a lot of fun and there was great teamwork shown tonight, I can't wait to move on to ops in endgame with this group!

Too funny!

Atreyer, Dec 31, 11 12:20 AM.


Guild PvP Follow-Up

Atreyer, Dec 30, 11 12:05 PM.
Myself, Deadheir and Tagony did guild pvp however it seems not many people were able to make it. I'm hoping for a better turnout next time, be sure to check here for events on the calendar!


Atreyer, Dec 22, 11 6:28 PM.
We now have vent! I only have 10 slots available but I figure that will be fine until endgame content. Here is the info:
Port: 4366
Pass: cavaliers
Vent will be required for flashpoints and endgame content so please download ASAP!

This is pure amazing!

Atreyer, Dec 22, 11 6:20 PM.
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